Water Heater Repair – Save Time and Money

Having your water heater repaired by professionals is one of the best ways to get it back in full working condition again. A professional will have the ability to readjust the thermostat settings, thereby reducing your energy bills, and bring it back to normal working temperature with ease. It may also be a good idea to have your water heater checked out just to make sure that there are no leaks anywhere in the tank. Leaks in your water heater can be very dangerous as they can seep into the home and cause damage to the drywall or plaster along with causing a fire. Other problems such as being overfilled or low on water may also require repairs.

The most common types of water heater repair involve the pilot light and heater pilot. If either of these lights are not working then it could be a sign of other more serious issues such as the burner being jammed or the flue pipe being clogged. When you hire a professional water heater repair company they will check these things first before proceeding to the other more complicated issues. In order for you to be safe you should have any issues diagnosed right away. This will help you address any complications as soon as possible.

Once you have got both your pilot light and flue pipe checked you should move on to the other more important part of your heater-the tank. A clogged or damaged tank can affect the performance of your hot water heater, as it will take longer to heat up water. If this happens your heater will actually shut down instead of heating up. When you have both things fixed, you can start using your heater as usual and avoid any serious issues.

Many people have a tendency to ignore the fact that their water tank needs to be regularly maintained. This can lead to huge problems in the future. In fact, if you wait until your tank becomes too full to properly heat up your water, it could cause a fire. So, while many people think it’s okay to leave their heater for months at a time, it’s better to get it repaired immediately. An hour or so before your scheduled repair, you should have your tank inspected by a professional.

Since the tank is a very vital part of your water heater, it’s important that you pay attention to its functionality. If your water heater has an open top, you will need to have this replaced soon. This will allow the heater to have the right amount of air inside of it so it does not become too hot. An improperly installed air gap can cause your heater to overheat and eventually cause your tank to burst.

If your tank is an older model, you may need to have it serviced and refilled. Older tanks often have a copper tube filled with corrosive chemicals that can corrode over time. If the tube gets too close to the heating element, it could cause a short circuit and explode. Professional repair companies are trained to handle this kind of situation, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to deal with it on your own.

The easiest way to perform a water heater repair on your own is by using a thermometer. Simply place it in the middle of the tank and make sure the water rises to the top. If the temperature drops below the level of the thermometer, then the issue is with the heater itself. You can find replacement thermostats at any hardware store. The cost of this particular service will depend upon how old your heater is, but it’s usually less than $20.

If your heater has a paper gas cylinder, you should drain it and take out the clogged area. Using a plunger, draw the cylinder out and set it aside. With the cylinder out, you can replace the gasket with a new one and put everything back together. This should not only get rid of the clog, but also fix the problem. Your water heating system should run like new again, giving you hot water in no time at all.

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